The kaoengine is for everyone held in an awesome location by an ambitious student-run non-profit organisation. Continue reading to learn more.

For Literally Everyone

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We want to motivate as many people as possible to join the hacking community. We want to organize an event where young hackers can work on their own pet projects, while experienced hackers can compete for prizes in ambitious categories.

We want to unite participants from all kinds of backgrounds. We want designers, organizers and artists to join the community of hackers and makers. We want people to pour all their creativity into their project in an inspiring environment.

What can you expect?

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Work with motivated people from all over the world and bring your ideas to life. You will join a team of up to 4 people to work on a hardware or software project. Our experienced mentors will support you.

After hacking for 28 hours, you will present your prototype in front of our jury on the kaoengine main stage. Each juror judges the submitted ideas according to their field of expertise. We have artists, developers, entrepreneurs and investors. If your idea can convince the majority of them, you just might win.

Thanks to our sponsors admission and catering is completely free. Apply now for an unforgettable experience, meet inspiring people and bring your ideas to life.

About the ZKM

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The is hosted at the ZKM. The ZKM is a small media museum that bridges the gap between art, technology and design with its regularly changing, one-of-a-kind exhibits. In its small niche, it has gained global attention. In fact the New York Times dubbed it as “an institution that has no exact parallel in the world and not even a recognizable echo in America.”

It provides a unique atmosphere for working and getting inspired. A perfect place for a .

Who are we?

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We are Hack & Söhne, a German student-run nonprofit organization focused on coding and hacking. We try to bring a bit of Silicon Valley to the German computer-science and start-up community by disrupting the status quo. We do this by organizing s, coding boot camps and other similar events.

Our team consists of students from a variety of backgrounds: computer science and electrical engineering, economics, business, and more.

Major League Hacking 2020 Season